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Menopause – is relaxing by the menopause

Sometime, mostly at the middle or end of yours 40th, your body starts to adapt itself and to produce less female gender hormones. This change is not called without reason menopause, because he initiates the menopause, so the last monthly period on account of the being missing ovulation. In this contribution you find out how you can prepare best of all for this time and, if you already in the middle drinsteckst what you can undertake against the discomfort.

A time of full changes

Exactly as at that time during the puberty your body also goes through a row of conversions before and after the menopause. A reason for it are the ovaries which put age-partly the production of the hormones. The menopause is no illness, but quite a natural process which initiates the end of the fertility. With every woman this transition period runs off quite individually. Some stand already end of theirs 30th in the premenopause (the time before the real menopause in which the first symptoms appear), others have to her fiftieth birthday no perceptible changes.

If your hormone household starts to sway or to drop, affects of course not only your period, but also many other "stations" in your body. Beside the irregularity or exposure of your month bleeding above all the state of your skin and hair will become apparent. And also your mind will indicate new ways. Then many women get quite an other look at her life over again, go on travelling, start a new sport or, finally, move pushed open projects. However you form your life during these years, you should still have in the back of the head to prevent furthermore with the sexual intercourse. A hundred percent infertility is to be guaranteed only because at the earliest a year after the last month bleeding.

Can I prevent symptoms or fight against discomfort?

Not few women suffer from the symptoms of the menopause. So it is worthwhile to undertake something already before or at the beginning of the hormonal conversion to weaken, for example, heat ebullitions, mood variations or sleeping disturbances or, to prevent at least partially. Should you be still unsafe to you whether you are already in the menopause (this can start in rare cases and too early already at the middle thirty), hear on your body. Reduced libido, sleeplessness, increase in weight or quicker exhaustion can be the first signs. Unfortunately, the menopause is unavoidable for every woman. But you can provide, at least, for the fact that your body acts itself a little lighter with the changes.

Food, macronutrients and micronutrients
Especially importantly in this time is a healthy and well-balanced food which is adapted on your new nutrient requirement. This means that you should fall back more on wholemeal products, a lot of vegetables and low-fat milk products as well as thin meat. Also the distribution of your macronutrients play an important role, because while coal hydrates become essential less, a higher consumption of egg white is the more considerably for the preservation of your muscle mass and a healthy bandage fabric.

Should you live vegetarian or vegan, you will have to do most probably special preparations supplementieren to take above all enough vitamin B6, Omega 3 fatty acids and selenium to yourself. These are important for the regulation of the hormone education, healthy cell membranes as well as healthy skin, hair and nails. But now also your need of vitamin C and D, zinc and calcium rise, because with increasing age on the one hand the collagen education goes down and can originate, on the other hand, of light osteoporosis. In general a healthy life style becomes more and more important – accordingly you do to yourself something good if you reduce addiction materials like sugar, nicotine and other or completely glide. Caffeine and alcohol lower because the oestrogen mirror. In addition, a lot of drinking is always good of course. Further below we also recommend you a few teas which well taste and relieve the discomfort during the menopause.

Herbal hormones and phyto therapy
There is also some food, like soy, wheat germs and linseeds which contain phyto estrogens. These herbal estrogens resemble very much those in our body and can lead regularly consumed, to an assuagement of the symptoms. This is due to the fact that support the hormone household as well as the warm regulation in the body. A reason, why less than 20% of the Japanese with typical discomfort have to fight like heat ebullitions, while it concerns in Germany more than 50% of the women. Also red clover contains plant materials similar to oestrogen, so-called Isoflavone which look also stabilising.

Also monk's pepper has proved itself during the past centuries in the menopause (and PMS discomfort). In particular at the beginning he helps against mood variations, because he harmonises, among the rest, On and from your hormones. In this manner he weakens, for example, also to cycle sturgeons like interbleeding from which many women suffer before and during the menopause. But also with painful breast span and sweat outbreaks monk's pepper looks balmy.

We have in our assortment, for example, monk's pepper in tablets which reach per packet for just ten months. Our tabloids are vegan and exist to 100% of pure monk's pepper – without unnecessary additions or stretching means. Moreover, we have held them specially small for easy swallowing. Try out them, nevertheless, immediately.

An other remedial plant which you can apply during the menopause is the grape silver candle. Their essence relieves above all heat ebullitions and excessive sweating. In addition, it is used often with nervousness, sleeping disturbances and depressive disgruntlements which can appear by the decline of oestrogen in the female body.
If you are a tea alcoholic, we can recommend you under other red clover, Johanniskraut and sage – with pleasure also as a home-made mixture – because they all relieve three different discomfort.

As with all herbal remedies it is important that you take this on time – as early as possible, with it itself the effect (mostly enters after from two to three weeks) can unfold.

Wellness for the everyday life
In this strenuous time it is important for your well-being and also your body that you put away enough time for me for yourself and also do to yourself at other levels something good. Of course riding a bike, light jogging, yoga or swimming may not lack sport there – no matter whether. Since by the activity your blood pressure is stabilised, your circulation is strengthened and you can counteract against the muscle dismantling. If you are fit enough for it, nothing also speaks against aerobics courses or weight training. Only do not overdo it.

Wonderfully also help hot and cold showers and regular sauna ways. Now probably you are surprised what should cause additional external heat against your problems. Quite simply: If you coach sudden temperature changes regularly, your body gets used to it and manages in the long term clearly better heat ebullitions. Should you be no fan of it, it can already reach if you make, for example, change-warm foot baths and arm baths. Also your blood pressure and heart circulation system will profit from it.

And in the end a few more simple tips, as you can come along the nights round the menopause so pleasantly as possible:

  1. Temple with tilted window, so that you have always fresh air
  2. Pay attention to a low temperature in the bedroom (it are optimum from 16 to 18°C)
  3. Lay out to you spare clothes, also at night – they are changed always fast
  4. Temple on a big towel
  5. Meditation and relaxation exercises help you, calm and fast again to fall asleep
  6. Use best of all only cotton bedclothes and cotton night laundry

We hope, you are prepared with our help now very well for the next time and can await the entirety more relaxed.

Healthy greetings
Your Sanhelios team

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