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About Sanhelios

Natural quality since 1925.

Pure natural ingredients high-quality quality well acceptably

Competence from Germany for nearly 100 years

In 1925 the chemist Hermann F. Börner in Berlin beauty's mountain founded the „Sanhelios pharmaceutical factory”. In Naumannstrasse 81 developed Börner the worldwide first odorless Sanhelios 333 garlic drops – a top seller for decades was born.

Up to the war the phenomenon of the garlic drops was limited as much as possible to Berlin. This changed, when Friedrich F. Börner, the son of Herrmann FOLLOWING Börner which rebuilt completely destroyed factory from own strength. "Sanhelios 333" was quick all over the country in „all mouths”.

Competence from Germany for nearly 100 years

Competence and fame of Sanhelios make clear a quotation of the known doctor to MD W. Devrient: „Sanhelios is from excellent meaning for the elevation of the health of our people.“

Sanhelios extended the assortment and made to itself in following decades above all as a supplier for innovative, natural medicaments and food supplement means a name. Thus the worldwide first soft capsules were developed what amounted at the past of a real sensation.

The taking is really quite unproblematic.
„Well if I can do something for my heart with OPCKapseln.“ To the product
„Quite honestly, today I quite often shine – from the inside and outside. Would not surprise me if in your collagen powder lies.“ To the product
Nice that you have also thought to us vegan.
Approach in the claims of the people

With the progressive technological development of the society changed not only the needs of the people, but consistently also the demands for the modern medicine, the food and food supplement. Thanks to the intensive orientation towards new eating habits and health habits concentrates Sanhelios since the 90s on the tailor-made development of high-quality food supplement means. Approach in it in the individual claims of the consumers and completely in the tradition of Sanhelios. One can say full pride: We with Sanhelios belong at the age of nearly 100 years of experience to the pioneers of the food supplement.

Innovation from tradition

Besides, our high-quality food supplement means connect till this day experience and natural values with the topical knowledge of the modern research. We are aware beside our tradition also of our responsibility for the planet and future generations. Hence, our products are produced exclusively in Germany after the most modern graduations of the science and lastingness. Moreover, all Sanhelios products are a lab-checked to measure easily and uncomplicated in the application.

Sanhelios stands for quality, lastingness and customer satisfaction maggot in Germany – we guarantee this.

Every morning gives me MSM intens a small assisted takeoff for the day.
„I swear on vitamin D3 capsules. Just if the sun does not seem sometimes.“ To the product
„Omega 3 - the new valuable extra for my heart.“ To the product
I have moved my intentions excellently with F-BRN.
The health stands in the centre

The most important is the health. This everyday wisdom is also the basic idea of Sanhelios. Since health is the condition for an active life and good appearance. Besides, effectiveness and compatibility of our products stand equally in the focus. Not only since yesterday, but for many decades in which we could investigate our medical and naturheilkundlichen knowledge further and develop.