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Menopause – is relaxing by the menopause

Sometime, mostly at the middle or end of yours 40th, your body starts to adapt itself and to produce less female gender hormones. This change is not called without reason menopause, because he initiates the menopause, so the last monthly period on account of the being missing ovulation. In this contribution you find out how you can prepare best of all for this time and, if you already in the middle drinsteckst what you can undertake against the discomfort. A time of full changes Exactly as at that time during the puberty your body also goes through a row of conversions before and after the menopause. A reason for it are the ovaries which put age-partly the production of the...

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PMS - the mean days before the days

Almost every woman knows it, premenstrual syndrome, which occurs in the second half of the cycle. Because the symptoms are as varied as the causes - and you are probably well versed in the subject - we will only give you a brief overview before we give you the best tips against PMS. The most important facts about PMS  Did you know that around 75-80% of all women struggle with PMS? So you are not alone when your body and your psyche suffer from the hormone roller coaster ride. Of course, the symptoms are different for everyone. One may be irritable or depressed two weeks before the period, while another may experience symptoms such as water retention, headache or tension...

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Nail fungus - an unsightly problem

As soon as the first really warm days begin, we want to get all of our open shoes out of the closet so that we can bathe our feet in the sun just like the rest of our bodies. But what if the nails are brittle, stained or discolored? These could be signs of nail fungus. In this article you will learn how to recognize it, treat it and prevent it in the future. What is nail fungus? Nail fungus is an infection of the toenails (but also fingernails) by certain types of fungi that feed on the keratin that is part of our skin and nails. In some cases, yeast or mold are responsible, but mostly it is filamentous...

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Now we're off - Hello Health!

Let's go - Hello Health! If you ask people on the street or in your personal environment what is most important in their lives, health is almost certainly always the top priority. And yet many think it is natural to be healthy. Until that suddenly changes. In this context, everyday questions often arise: How do I eat optimally? What contributes to my well-being? How do I manage to stay fit despite everyday office life or how do I overcome this inner pig dog, which always tells me "stay on the sofa"? And precisely because our health is so diverse, complex and exciting, we will now share our insights, knowledge and thoughts on them here with you. In the coming weeks...

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