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If the kilos fall... This happens with your body if you decrease

You are glad about the first 3 kilos less on the scales. These are sudden 5 kg, then 10 kg or even sometime 15 kg. Decreasing requires discipline and selfmotivation. But what happens in this Abnehmprozess, actually, with and in your body? Today we betray this to you!


Water marsh

If you decide on decreasing, the way will accompany you on the scales. Since, finally, you would like to get in figures presented, how much you hopefully weigh less. Nevertheless, the trouble should be worthwhile and thus the tension is especially big in the first days: Jiiippehhh, 2 kg less! However, is the cheering entitled? Have already melted 2 kg of fat? Unfortunately, no! Since at the beginning of a diet the pounds fall above all so fast because you lose primarily water. Your body uses with Decreasing first the coal hydrate stocks from the liver and the muscles. Besides, water gets also lost, your weight decreases. Besides you will live by your food conversion healthier, is called less ready products, more fresh, so that you take less salt to yourself. Salt also binds water. Other liquid losses originate from the fact that your body diminishes egg white to win energy. Besides, originating metabolism products he retires about the urine. Because the water portion of your body has a substantial influence on the total weight, it is to be held importantly your liquid depots in balance.

Our tip: Enough drinking during the decreasing is a must: daily there should be at least two litres of water. You should take tea or strongly watered fruit juices only as an exception to yourself.

Fat adé

Even if the kilos become by water less, you would want quite dear that the fat melts. This sits around especially stubbornly on your hips, in the legs or around the belly. Every kilo of fat has about 7,000 calories. Because a woman uses only about 2,000 calories on the day, a man about 2,500 calories, would need one himself if one eats nothing at all more at least three days to lose generally 1 kilo of fat. Because your body his fatty reserves only reluctantly herausrückt, throttles he his energy consumption: He adapts the metabolism, changes hormones and loses muscle mass. Nevertheless, this is negative, because muscles use more energy than fat cells. Of course he also needs less energy for the digestion because you eat more carefully. The result: Lower power demand leaves the fat cells of less of her stocks herausrücken. Even if the reserves are consumed: How you in our last contribution on the subject"On the places decrease ready - from fat cells to fat combustion"get to knowhas, unfortunately, the fat cells do not disappear from your body. They empty themselves only and shrink. If you give them enough food again, they fill in no time to be armed for long hard hauls. Especially annoyingly: For it are enough after the diet already smaller servings. Finally, the body has learnt to get by with less energy. His aim is to reach again the source weight – the known yo-yo effect strikes.

Exactly against it they are able Sanhelios Appetitzügler to the decreasing work supporting, so that from a small serving no big one becomes. How does this function? In the capsules there is the ingredient Glucomannan. The water-dissolvable roughage from the Konjakwurzel has to increase the quality, his volume while swelling with water or other liquids around a multiple. Your saturation feeling is thereby released clearly early and your hunger feeling dwindles.

Our tip: Plan to lose half a kilogram of fat per week. This equates to 3,500 calories. To do this, you need to reduce your energy intake by 500 calories per day – this is feasible and in a healthy setting. The Sanhelios appetite suppressants for weight loss can help you wonderfully.

Lose weight, but slow

It is important to take sufficient time and not to put pressure on yourself that 2 kg have to disappear every week. Only those who give their body the opportunity to slowly adapt to the supposed lack of food can trick their organism a little and limit the breakdown of muscle mass. Therefore, sport, especially strength training with high intensities at low to medium repetitions, is the most promising remedy. Here, the necessary stimulus is set for the maintenance of the muscles. Regular intake of protein is also advisable, so your body has no reason to resort to the body's protein stores.

How losing weight affects your everyday health 

You are proud like Oskar when you lose the first kilos. But not only you are looking forward to it, but also your blood pressure. Because your weight loss automatically means less strain on your heart. Not only can you reduce the risk of high blood pressure, a reduced-fat diet also helps to improve cholesterol levels. In addition to your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, less weight also affects your blood sugar: this means that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a stroke or a heart attack decreases.

Your digestion is also cheering. Why? You suddenly eat healthier. Wheat flour and finished products as well as deep-fried products are a thing of the past. With whole grains, legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables, you now eat a lot of fiber that not only saturates longer, but also positively affects your digestion. Not only do you notice that climbing stairs is now easier, but your movements are also becoming more supple. For example, losing weight relieves knee cartilage in the case of knee osteoarthritis, so that pain can be demonstrably reduced by reducing weight.

Can't wait to start losing weight now, so you're better off? Great! But what can you do if you're one of the emotional eaters who eat out of frustration, boredom, sadness, or habit?

You'll find out next week! Be curious!

Your Sanhelios team