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Calorie-conscious make purchases: The Ernährungs 1x1 for your everyday life

At the supermarket you will kill formally from food: Products about products – only are healthy of it and do not affect equally negatively your figure? The TK pizza and the lemonade probably do not belong to it rather. But always only fruit and vegetables shop? Today we simply saunter sometimes with you together ideally by the supermarket and buy calorie-conscious a few delicacies for you and your figure.


From in the basket

Do you belong to everyday „I go once briefly to the supermarket“ for-Shoppern which wanted to buy only five things and come, however, with ten again home? Or do you buy once the week largely and do know exactly which food you will eat when? All the same which type it are: At the supermarket there is an infinite choice in healthy as well as injurious food. However, which should walk of it in your shopping basket to hold your body in form? Now we betray this to you!

Low-calorie full doers

  1. Fruit

There are strawberries, melon, peach or currants fruit kinds at the supermarket for the big choice. Just if the fruits have season, they are especially tasty. But is not to be forgotten that fruit contains fructose. If one looks the following list in which fruit with less than 50 kcal per 100 g is performed, you can access with these bravely. Does not surprise you, that classic, as apples (52 kcal / 100 g), pears (57 kcal / 100 g), bananas (89 kcal / 100 g), grapes (67 kcal / 100 g) or kiwis (61 kcal / 100 g) are absent. We have not forgotten this, but they have one more calories than the undermentioned ones tick.

Fruit kind



14 kcal


32 kcal


33 kcal


36 kcal

Water melon

39 kcal


42 kcal


42 kcal


43 kcal



43 kcal


44 kcal


44 kcal


45 kcal


45 kcal


45 kcal


47 kcal


48 kcal

  1. Vegetables

Vegetables are healthy and the perfect companion for your slender line, because most vegetable kinds contain raw extremely few calories per 100 g (see table). Therefore you can spend in the vegetable department quietly a little bit more time and fill your shopping basket. By the way, you can eat from them so much as you would want and do not increase worth mentioning – provided, you cook in addition no fatty butter or cream sauce or serve a dressing rich in calorie in addition.

Vegetable kind



12 kcal


12 kcal

Iceberg lettuce

13 kcal


16 kcal

Chinese cabbage

16 kcal

White asparagus

17 kcal


17 kcal


17 kcal


18 kcal


18 kcal

Green asparagus

18 kcal

Corn salad

18 kcal


19 kcal


20 kcal


20 kcal


21 kcal


21 kcal

By contrast there are of course also vegetable kinds which deliver more calories and which should not land every day in the shopping basket. Under it there fall, for example, potatoes (72 kcal / 100 g), sweet potatoes (112 kcal / 100 g), sugar pea pods (68 kcal / 100 g), cream savoy cabbage (76 kcal / 100 g) or peas (90 kcal / 100 g). However, luckily there are no good or bad vegetables. All kinds of vegetables have her advantages and disadvantages and deliver roughage as well as other important nutrients. Just the roughage may not be underestimated: They stimulate your intestinal function and slow down among other things your blood glucose increase if you eat coal hydrates. Above all Kohl (e.g., cauliflower, broccoli, borecole, Brussels sprouts), but also carrots, chickpeas or fennel deliver many roughage which is importantly for your metabolism.

  1. Milk products

Has already struck you that you find in the chill bar of your supermarket everywhere suddenly „High protein“ products? Whether to win over ice, yoghurt, curd or pudding – with a high protein salary is in vogue. Why? Fitness gurus are persuaded of the extremely low-calorie egg white suppliers for a long time. They are filling, prevent the muscle dismantling, support the muscle construction and the decreasing and are important stones for your heart, your brain, skin and hair.

The classic with Abnehmwilligen and generally sportsmen is Low-fat curd cheese. 250 g of packet registers 30 g of proteins, 10 g of coal hydrates and only just 1 g of fat as well as about 170 calories. A little bit low-calorie fruit in addition and ready is the perfect low-calorie breakfast in the morning. Who likes it some sweet, can add one more teaspoon of honey. Mhhmm, tasty!

As an alternative to low-fat curd cheese you are able alsoSkyr take, you also find in the chill shelve. The milk product originally coming from Iceland has almost the same nutritional values and calories like low-fat curd cheese, however, is creamier and from the taste säuerlicher.

Another low-calorie milk product is Harzer cheese with 116 calories per 100 g: Of the sour milk of cheese is a right protein bomb which contains just 30% of egg white and practically no fat and no coal hydrates. There one may allow himself with pleasure a piece of cheese more!

By the way cheese: Have you already tried cottage cheese? No matter whether on the bread, as a Topping to the salad or mixed with fruit – in 100 g of cottage cheese only 102 calories, for it 12 g of egg white are what already corresponds one quarter of our day need.

  1. Wholemeal products

If you are at the supermarket, you go past definitely also to the toast bread and the soft biscuits which you can lay, however, immediately ad acta.

Griffins rather to the wholemeal variation: You receive many roughage as well as important micronutrients. And just because wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta and wholemeal rice are filling so well, the hunger is faster stopped than with the aforesaid toast bread. Thus a disc of wholemeal bread about 50 g weighs what makes approx. 100 calories. If you eat in the morning three discs with a low-calorie spread or the aforesaid Harzer or cottage cheese, you will not crack the 500-calorie border and remain up to the lunch full and do, besides, by the roughage still to your metabolism something good.

Now you have got all kinds of food to the hand which you can take with your next purchase in the visor. Well and nicely, but what should you make with it? The next week we will introduce to you a few tasty and healthy recipes which form your breakfast, midday sen and dinner not only tasty, but also still healthy.

Now, however, we wish you the first time a nice supermarket stroll and always remembers: Healthy eating already begins with the purchase!

Healthy greetings your Sanhelios team