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Now start: lose weight through Sport

You're a sports fan or a sports person? If you Slimming want to, then it should be in addition to a healthy diet and activity on your agenda. But which sports are most effective and what you should eat after a workout to give your body the optimal nutrients? We tell you today!

Let's get started...

every beginning is difficult – also in terms of Sport. Because we know that it can be quite motivating to be pretty hard to workout and stay permanently off. 

But no matter whether you're young or old, thin or overweight: Everyone should exercise, because Sport is not only good for your figure, but also for your cardiovascular system, your muscles and your mood. It acts as a natural mood enhancer. As the hormones of happiness well-known neurotransmitters Serotonin and dopamine are released when you're active. In addition, you blocks, Stress, and Fears, and lose the side fat the other grams.

Before you get started, you should once in your house checked by a doctor to leave, regardless of health restrictions. It could be that you Unnoticed have something on the heart. So better go to the doctor and the consent to start.

Sports Fatburn potential

Your doctor has given you the okay is given, your sports shoes ready and your inner pig dog you have in the drawer with the chocolate locked – well, then, can it start. Just what sports are on offer, if you slimming want to? We provide you with the following particularly effective:the

  1. Jogging

Running is a great method of weight control and successfully lose weight. So a runner with 75 pounds of weight, the jogs for 30 minutes in the km section of 6:20 minutes consumed 385 calories. You can lose weight while Jogging even more, if you implement an interval workout and not always in the constant speed run, but sprint units to put in. Through the exchange of busy periods in which your heart rate goes really high and relax more phases, you'll burn an extra Portion of calories.

  1. Swimming

splish, splash – into the water with you! Especially in the summer, Swimming in the outdoor pool a lot of fun and is an optimal endurance workout. You go easy on your joints and ensure a holistic strengthening of all the muscles. A swimmer with 75 kg of body weight consumed, by the way, around 300 calories in 30 minutes. If no reason is soon a extra track to pull...

  1. bike

Now gear up to turn on and start pedalling, because Cycling is not only varied, but also the perfect cardio workout for those who love nature. The consumption of calories is at a 75 kg cyclist in 30 minutes at about 231 calories. Experts recommend an additional strength training for abdominal and back muscles, especially the leg muscles will be.

  1. HIIT

High Intensity interval Training – short HIIT – are you forcing your body, long-lasting calories to burn, even if your Training is already over and you are again sitting on the Sofa. The after-burn effect here is due to short, high-intense loading phases, which alternate with short periods of recovery, is particularly high. Per hour you'll burn a good 700 to 800 calories. Show starts the same time in your gym, when the next HIIT course.

  1. Boxing

sand bag, or in the empty air space, Boxing can be pretty effective, not only for your Arm and shoulder muscles. In no other sports do you train in such a short time is so intense, the whole body in terms of strength, coordination, endurance and speed at the same time. The versatile effort, you can't beat the sand bag has been knocked out, but also to the 400 calories in 30 minutes!

  1. Strength training

As we mentioned in our last post, strength training is the ideal complement to the Cardio unit, if you slimming want to. Why? Intense strength training that includes complex Exercises, it burns quite a few calories. With different Exercises and intensities you train at the same time, several large muscle groups and achieve success even faster. By building muscle the after-burn effect is increased in turn. You burn in the hours after the workout, still have calories. In Figures this means: In the case of an intense strength training you'll burn in 30 minutes is around 300 calories. By the afterburning effect of 15%, consumes an additional 45 calories.

  1. Crossfit

For whom the pure pumps to the device, nothing is, it should deal with Crossfit. This Functional Training Exercises only for your endurance and your muscles don't have strength, but also agility, speed, skill, balance and coordination are trained. To achieve this, completed the Crossfit relatively short, but extremely hard Workouts. Often you go to your Limit. Thus, your muscle will be stimulated build-up and the after-burn effect is set in motion, your calorie consumption is increased for many hours. Speaking of calories: With Crossfit, you can burn up to 780 calories per hour.

Now we've introduced seven sports Fatburn potential. Very important we can find you a sports will find that brings you fun and help you along the way in fat reduction. Like to try out something New, so that your body learns new charms and other muscle groups.

You should be in the Fatburn effect in addition to heating, are recommended herbal Extrake the metabolism in addition to cheering.

Such as our Sanhelios F-BRN.


Eat after the workout

in addition to sports plays also the diet has a crucial role to lose weight. You have to burn more calories than you take in – is a negative energy balance is the key, to come closer to the desired weight. But what is the best food after a workout? Particularly recommended is the combination of proteins and carbohydrates. Choose primarily carbohydrates with a low glycemic Index, such as Quinoa, Kohlrabi, lentils or carrot, so that your blood sugar is not so quickly increases. The carbohydrate content should not be more than 30 to 50 grams of make up.

If you are eating in parallel, even proteins, is built up your muscles and damage through the Training is minimized. At the same time, prevents the body from muscle uses tissue as an energy supplier. The following protein-rich foods are ideal to eat after exercise: low-fat quark, cottage cheese, Harzer cheese, Greek cream yoghurt, lean meat (chicken or beef), eggs, tuna, Tofu, or lentils, and kidney beans.

These tips are certainly helpful, but what else can you do shopping to feed you calorie conscious? We give you next week, advice for the everyday life, accompanying you, mentally, when shopping in the supermarket and tell you which food should end up in the shopping cart – and what better not.

Until then, we wish you a sporty time full of positive decreasing moments!

Your Sanhelios-Team