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Hello, dream figure! The parliamentary pay check

You would like to decrease? Then warm welcome to the club! However, with which diet you get closer to your dream figure a little piece? Maybe with Paleo, the Dukan diet or Low Carb food? We introduce 10 popular methods of the decreasing to you and explain the advantages and disadvantages. So, on the scales, ready, off!

In the parliamentary pay jungle

Low Carb-, Paleo-, Dukan-or Glyx diet: There are hundreds of methods to reach the desirable weight. However, which suits for you? It is clear: Decreasing functions only if your body burns more energy than he with the food takes up. However, for your state of health it is important which is supplied your body also during a diet with all nutrients which he needs. And it also plays a role whether a diet sinks your weight not only at short notice, but also in the long term effect points. Since we do not want yo-yo effects, nevertheless, everybody! Hence, we introduce to you in the following some diets as well as her advantages and disadvantages, so that you receive an overview as you can decrease healthy.

  1. Low Carb diet

Low Carb is one of the classics under the diets. How the name already betrays, here the amount of the coal hydrates is reduced in the everyday food. The idea is to be made by the reduction of the coal hydrates your body access faster your fat memories and therefore quick fat burn. Since if your body needs energy, he pulls this first from the coal hydrate memories and only if these are used up, he falls back on the fat reserves. In practice this means, you reduce your coal hydrate amount from food like bread, noodles, potatoes or rice. A lot of vegetables and animal egg white are recommended, instead to eat, for example, of meat, eggs and milk products.



The reduction of the coal hydrates shows fast results on the scales.

So that you have enough energy, the lack of coal hydrates must be compensated by other nutrients, so that no nutrient deficiency originates.

You are adaptable and can take so much and so often of coal hydrate arm food to yourself as you would want.

Because you lack satisfying coal hydrates, you will feel fast again hunger.

This diet can be easily integrated into the everyday life. No matter whether in the office or with the food walking: Simply reduce your coal hydrate amount and exchange them by healthy alternatives.



  1. Paleo diet

From in the Stone Age with you! Since "Paleo" comes from Paläolithikum, the Paleolithic age. With the food in the Paleo style it is a matter itself to nourish in such a way as it the Stone Age people have acted. That is very natural – no ready-to-serve meals & Co. – no sugar, no grain, no legumes, no noodles, no milk products. Coffee, tobacco and alcohol also do not belong to it of course. Instead, stand meat (wild meat, fowl) and fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit (above all berries) as well as animal fat on the programme. Experts recommend a gradual entrance in the Paleo food, so that your body can get used step by step to the new food form, because she is very adipose and albuminous.



By the Paleo food you take exclusively natural and crude food to yourself what is healthy of course.

Freshness, natural and crude food are often more expensive, so that this food form can go in the long term to the money.

You will have no lack phenomena and your body is supplied with all important nutrients.

From in the kitchen: Because all ingredients are crude, the preparation also lasts a little longer.

Because you renounce sugar and grain, a decrease in weight is quite likely.

With the Paleo food it is put on a high portion of animal products. The risk for heart circulation illnesses can rise.

According to studies supported an egg white-stressed food with the decreasing, because the saturation feeling stops longer.

By the high meat consumption is able to do itself increasingly Uric acid form, in the long term can lead to furnace mouth and kidney stones.


Change purely: You can help yourself from wide ranks of food.



  1. Mediterranean diet

One has a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit, in addition fresh fish, some noodles and rice, little meat, fat sausage or fat cheese and to the cooking of a few drops of olive oil instead of butter – and already the important ingredients of the Mediterranean food which many south Europeans live since the childhood. It is recognised worldwide as one of the healthiest food forms. To the specific decreasing you should reduce the calorie number to about 1,600 calories per day. But also in the long term you can live so tasty and healthy.



By the renunciation of fatty sausage, cheese and sweets you will automatically lose a few kilos.


Though most courts are low-fat, however if you reach above all to fatty, deep-fried and coal hydrate empires to food, you can increase with it even your weight.

The Mediterranean recipes are tasty really and easy to prepare. Calorie count is not necessary here.


Do you go eat with pleasure? No problem! Since you find salad or fish with vegetables on almost every menu, so that you can move this diet without excuses.



  1. Dukan diet

This diet is a little more complicated, because it is split in four phases in you you strictly should hold. She starts with the so-called Attack phase which lasts 10 days. Here only one highly protein-containing and low-fat food is permitted. The high egg white supply should prevent ravenous hunger attacks and the dismantling of musculature. About 70 food stands for the choice. Practically: You can eat of it arbitrarily a lot and arbitrarily often. In addition there comes daily a tablespoon oat bran, so that your digestion remains in way. Also movement belongs to it: Daily you had to do 20 minutes of walking walking. To bans are in this phase of the Dukan diet sugar, vegetables, fruit, alcohol and fat.

Then there comes the construction phase this your desirable weight lasts to you has reached. Every second day follows the rules of the Attack phase, in between some vegetables may be consumed. Nevertheless, the kinds are strictly prescribed, because of coal hydrate empire vegetables, like potatoes or every form by fruit, are not permitted. The oat bran ration rises on three tablespoons per day. The walk is extended on 30 minutes.

The third phase is the stabilisation phase. It lasts 10 days per taken kilo. Here it is a matter of holding your weight. All food from the first phase as well as vegetables, a serving of fruit and two discs of wholemeal bread is permitted daily. Besides there are two meals per week with which you may eat what you would want, but weekly a strict egg white day continues.

The Dukan diet concludes with the Stabilisationsphase. Here are valid the following three rules: Well-balanced food, one protein day in the week and everyday walks. In this manner a lasting decrease in weight should be guaranteed.



You can eat from the given food so much like you would want.

Low choice in the food which one may eat. Therefore the change is absent in the long term.


Because you renounce as much as possible coal hydrates, you decrease fast.

Here discipline is asked.

Movement belongs to it daily. This brings your metabolism on trot.

Too much egg white is bad for your kidneys. Maximum 0.8 grammes of protein per day and kilo of body weight should be maximum it after recommendation of the German society for food. You will fast cross this here.


The low portion in fruit and vegetables is doubtful. This can lead to vitamin deficiency and nutrient deficiencies with lasting several weeks diet.


  1. Glyx diet

The Glyx diet recommends fresh food rich in roughage, high-quality fat and everyday movement. Here the food is divided after her effect on the insulin payment of from 1 to 100 – hence, also the name which refers to your glykämischen index (Glyx). This brags which influence a food on your blood sugar level has. You should avoid the food which raise the blood glucose fast (e.g., white bread, sugar, noodles etc.), because they have a high glykämischen index. Instead, you may eat the food which raise the blood glucose slowly as for example wholemeal bread, most vegetable kinds, lenses and albuminous food. A firm component of the Glyx diet are beside the abovementioned food rules also from 20 to 30 minutes of movement on the day.



At the beginning you will lose in no time a few kilos, because less water is bound by the small quantity in coal hydrates.


A well-balanced food is here a defect on the place, because you must stroke a lot of food. Hence, this food form can also become quickly one-sided.

You must deal with the food what promotes a deliberate contact. This affects positively and with lasting effect your decrease in weight.

Buy several times the week and freshly cook are a must, because ready products are forbidden. Therefore you need a lot of time!


  1. Atkins's diet

Also here you have to do the coal hydrates of bread, fruit, rice, noodles & Co. reduce extremely. Instead, egg white and fat are comparatively 60:40 percent of duty. The Atkins's diet rests on an easy principle:
You reduce the admission of coal hydrate rich man food (Low Carb diet) to force your body, to attack his own fat reserves to the power production and to diminish. You may eat before all meat, fish, cheese and eggs – and so much you would want. Therefore bacon and eggs and meat can land with this diet daily in your frying pan. Aim is to move the food in such a way that fat puts out 40 to 45 percent, to egg white about 40 percent and coal hydrates between 15 and 20 percent of the whole calorie supply.



At short notice herewith one can lose fast a few kilos, because you lose a lot of water.

The massive fat supply can raise your cholesterol level and damages therefore heart and vessels.

In fish, meat or eggs contained egg white your hunger feeling steals for longer time.

In the long term this diet leads to lack phenomena what can favour, e.g., headaches or feeling of sickness.


Calorie count is not necessary here.

The coal hydrate amount is too scarce. Sometime you will lack power.


The high protein admission loads your kidneys.


The low roughage admission can lead to blockage.


  1. 5:2 diet

The 5:2 diet is one of many forms of the intermittent fasting. On five days of the week you may not completely eat just as one likes, on two days, nevertheless, more than 500 calories (women) or 600 calories (men). However that is not that you in yours 5 „I may eat everything“ days supplies to you from morning to night hot chocolate with cream, pizza and coke. Even more a well-balanced, healthy eating is advisable. As a small tip: Both fast days should not follow at best on each other, so that your body can recover. Helpfully it is to be taken itself firm days: For example, always on Tuesday and Thursday. 



The food form can be well integrated into your everyday life, because you must not renounce completely food and may live on 5 food days diverse and healthy.

Occasional starving tempts you, perhaps, into the fact that you recompense yourself with something sweet.


By the moderate, long-term decrease in weight it comes to no yo-yo effect.

The observance and the calorie count requires discipline.

By the egg white supply in the fast days you must have no doubts that your muscle mass is diminished.

To eat healthy in the long term, one does not learn with this method.


You must count no calories beyond the fast days.


You can adapt the fast days individually to your weekly planning.



  1. Low Fat 30-diet

The Low Fat 30-diet asks nothing else from you how to reduce the portion of the fat in your everyday calorie amount to 30 percent. Since fat is the nutrient with the highest calorie number per gramme. This fact makes use of the Low-Fat 30-diet, while fatty food is virtually stroked. At most every third calorie may come from the fat, these are about 60 grammes per day. On this occasion, moreover, you should eat only if you are really hungry. A component of a Low Fat diet are, e.g., vegetables, fruit, thin meat, fat-reduced milk products, pasta, potatoes and rice.



There are no absolute bans and no calorie count.

Patience is asked. Here one loses no kilos overnight.

Even who slowly starts with the fat saving, this will see in the diminished weight on the scales sometime.


This form is able to do itself negatively on them Blood lipid concentration kneads if you leave out the essential several times unsaturated fatty acids (possibly fish oils and vegetable oils).


This diet is easy to integrate into the everyday life.



  1. Factor 5-diet

Here everything turns on the number 5, because the name of this diet is a programme: These are 5 weeks of comprehensive diet with which you take daily 5 smaller meals to yourself which should not have more than a total of 1,300 calories. Your metabolism is stimulated by this distribution, but not is loaded needlessly. In parallel in addition your blood sugar level remains steady, so that you should get no ravenous hunger attacks.

Your 5 small meals should exist only of at most 5 ingredients from 5 different ingredient groups and take up no more than 5-minute time needed. After 19 o'clock you may eat nothing more. Also the training which contains this programme is completely directed after the figure: You should finish 5 days the week a 5-minute workout.



Whether low-fat proteins (e.g., fowl), wholemeal bread or healthy roughage by vegetables – here you have enough change in the menu.

This diet form is quite strict. Flexibility a little exists.

You are supplied by 5 meals enough and continuously with nutrients. Hunger attacks have thus no chance.

You need a lot of time to prepare fa 5 fresh meals to you according to pattern and to count the calories in detail.

Also a Cheat-Day is included in the plan where you may feast according to desire and mood.

The nutrient distribution with high coal hydrate portion is questionable, even if sugar is avoided.


    1. Metabolism diet

    With this diet your metabolism should be stimulated by a certain arrangement of the food. Besides, above all albuminous dishes dominate your meals. Coal hydrates are diminished. Your body is also made here by the consumption of egg white, but extremely few coal hydrates provide "spare coal hydrates" from his fat depots. At the same time the food conversion should hold your blood sugar level steady and avoid ravenous hunger attacks. Beside the principle "a lot of egg white, hardly coal hydrates" are forbidden for you also sugar, salt, alcohol and sweetened drinks.



    By the Low Carb principle you can achieve quick buyer's result.

    The strict rules require a high degree of discipline and staying power.


    The albuminous dishes feed you well.

    The risk is raised by the renunciation on coal hydrates for ravenous hunger attacks. The unpopular yo-yo effect can follow.


    An albuminous food can lead on a continuing basis to nephritic damages, nutrient deficiency and metabolism disturbances.



    To stimulate a natural possibility the metabolism, in addition offers our Sanhelios F-BRN.

    Here gehts to the product.

    Our result

    For a diet or even a complete food conversion you need not only willpower, but also staying power. Search for you a diet form out which fits to your life and to your claims. If you have started once, holds out. Since if you the wish have to decrease, you should always keep in the back of the head that you need for it time.

    Besides is valid the principle of the calorie deficit: If you eat less than your body needs, the deficit is got in calories from the fat depots. By a long-term food conversion combined with movement you can call thus to your dream figure soon, "Hello", in the mirror.

    By the way movement: We deal with it, by the way, the next week and explain to you what you should pay attention with the decreasing with sport to, which sports are the most actual and what you eat after the training best of all.

    Till then we wish you healthy, reduced calorie, but tasty time!


    Your Sanhelios team