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Das Lexikon der Vitamine und Mineralstoffe RSS

Iron - the trace element of life

Maybe you are wondering whether the wording of our heading is not a bit exaggerated. But in fact we would not be able to survive without iron. Because it is everywhere in our body, more precisely in the red blood cells, and ensures that every muscle and every cell is supplied with enough oxygen. But that's just one reason why an adequate supply of this trace element is so important. For example, a functioning immune system is dependent on iron. We have summarized everything you need to know about iron, its functions and in the event of a defect. What does the body need iron for? Our body contains an average of between three and four grams of iron. Two...

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Vitamin D - How the sun vitamin pushes your body and mind

The majority of the population has a vitamin D deficiency - and they don't know it at all. Maybe you too? Vitamin D is essential for our health. It is all the more practical that our body can form the vital substance itself with the help of sunlight. We'll tell you how to recognize a vitamin D deficiency and what you can do about it. When is your mood better: in winter or in summer? In the rain or in the sunshine? These two examples are extreme, but we are pretty sure that you also belong to the group “We love summer and the sun”. Why? Because we simply get out of bed with more energy at the time, we...

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Vitamin A-the all-rounder

Almost every one of us automatically thinks of carrot juice and good eyes when he hears "vitamin A". It is sometimes even touted as an "eye vitamin". So it's unfortunate that vitamin A is often underestimated, although it is responsible for much more functions in your body. In addition to strong eyes, for example, an active immune system, tight skin and a healthy functioning intestine are dependent on a sufficient vitamin A supply. Our article explains why this micronutrient is so important not only for chronic diseases, and how you can provide your body as well as your immune system perfectly. Why do we need vitamin A? Vitamin A is a real all-round talent, because it is an important supporter...

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Power for your immune system - which nutrients are important to you

  The immune system is our protective shield. Without a break, it works day and night while you work or sleep. In order for our immune system to be strong enough to protect us from pathogens, it has to be optimally cared for. Which nutrients actually make sense for this all-round carefree package?   Viruses, bacteria, fungi: Our immune system has a lot to do every day to protect the body from pathogens. You rarely notice anything from the uninvited guests. Some try to enter through the air we breathe, others through your skin or through food. If you have a well-functioning immune system, your powerful immune system is ready. If we did not have this important resistance, you would...

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